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Free zone with empty spaces
For Rent". "For Sale". Ads like this were not so often in the Colon Free Zone (ZLC), but now they are everywhere.

This, despite the commercial movement in the month of February this year registered a growth of 5.1% when compared with February 2009.

In addition, already has a positive outlook for end of March.

Two years ago, when business in the FTA was around 18 billion dollars a year, companies operating there sought greater participation and space to move their merchandise.

But now they are reducing the space for achieving what really put the market is demanding.

Although the end of 2009 were recorded between 40 and 50 new companies, there are sufficient parking spaces and which are listed by employers as an "indicator rock", or basic.

"There are new buildings that have not been placed, but spaces that had been used," said Severo Souza, a businessman from the FTA.

The administrator of this commercial area, Leopoldo Benedetti, says it is normal that there are spaces for rent, because when given the boom in world trade, before the crisis, employers expanded distribution spaces and had up to three locations.

Now, however, have been reduced to a single shop.

"He returned the premises for rent, because they had a lot of space," he says.

Benedetti says there is much interest in companies in Brazil, Argentina, China, Venezuela and Colombia to establish areas of distribution from the Colon Free Zone.

The crisis aside

In late 2009 the FTA recorded growth in the movement of goods, about 17%, said Souza.

The first months of the year have been good, but are months daily "slow" because the markets are stocks, closing sales, financial statements.

It seems, he says, that 2010 leaves behind the crisis, as it is added to Colombia and Ecuador-main-area markets have been eliminating the restrictions.